Private Instruction

I offer private instruction online.

Research shows that students who receive private instruction earn higher grades and are more apt to excel in their studies.

Students thrive when supported in a one-on-one mentoring environment.

What I offer:

Private instruction with materials that are tailored to students’ needs, interests, and school deadlines.
Students are encouraged to bring homework, academic texts from their classes,
paper assignments, and readings they are working on at school.

Three reasons to invest in Private Instruction for your student:

  • Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking skills are essential tools, not only for high school and college, but for a lifetime.
  • Research shows that students thrive when supported in a one-on-one mentoring environment. They are more apt to excel in their studies, earn higher grades, and develop a relationship to learning that creates excitement and fulfillment.
  • Mounting evidence from around the county shows that students who spent much of their time learning remotely between 2020-2021 lost about half of an academic year of learning. That’s twice as much as their peers who studied in person last year.

Effective Study Skills

Location, location, location

Time Management






Getting Help

Group Study Advantages-Learning Support Groups

Good Study Habits

Post-Secondary Reading Strategies

For High School, College, and Beyond

  • Study Habits for Success: How to Set Reading Goals
  • ACTIVE Reading
  • Journal Practice
  • Recognizing Figurative, Literal, Abstract, and Concrete Language
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Rhetorical Reading Strategies
  • Analysis and Critical Thinking
  • Annotating
  • Time-saving strategies-where to locate the most important information in texts; how to find specific data in lengthy  documents, etc.
  • How to approach what we don’t WANT to read but must
  • Reading approaches for different reading goals (school, work, enjoyment, escape, information, data)

Successful Writing Strategies

How to get started

Organizing for success

Steps to a strong thesis

Grammar Boot Camp

Outlines: your essay’s GPS

Writing awesome introductions

Giving credit where credit is due: Using quotations and in-text citations

Punctuation Carries Meaning: Commas and Semi-colons, and more

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