Margaret Paul Covers All the Bases Margaret Paul provides a sensitive yet thorough support system for high school students facing the college essay writing process. Senior high school students experience extreme pressures today. Writing the college essay is only one of them. Others include the stress of financing higher education, trying to find the right match or even deciding on a major study area of interest. Such pressures, far greater today than in past decades, can intimidate and overpower essay writing. Maggie’s counseling approach first and foremost honors the unique identity of her clients providing them with a starting point amidst a competing whirlwind of pressures. Her approach encourages students to write directly in their own voice in order to discover originality and build self-esteem. Beyond sentence structure, grammar and punctuation, her guidance provides a safe haven from parental interference, which might potentially dominate a student’s essay content or its developmental thrust. Maggie Paul covers all the bases and more in successful college essay writing.”- JB Humanities Instructor, Art Instructor Regarding her granddaughter, Ragine Graves

“Hey Maggie,   You may not even remember me, but you helped me so much with my college essays so I thought I’d let you know the results! I was accepted to Occidental, Lewis and Clark, Santa Clara University, Smith, Scripps, UCSC, and Willamette. And I was waitlisted for UCLA and Vassar.  So luckily I have some schools to choose from! Thanks for all your help.” –H. S. (Medical school and art student)

“Dear Maggie, The college decisions have all come in, and I’m going to be attending Brown University this coming fall! It was a tough choice – I was also admitted to UChicago, Washington University in St. Louis (with a half-tuition scholarship for the social sciences), Dartmouth, Cornell, USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UC Davis, and Johns Hopkins. But after visiting a few campuses and mulling over it for a few weeks, I knew that it’d be the best place for me. I really appreciated your help with my essays last fall. Not only did you make my application better, but you also taught me quite a bit about my writing in general. So I thank you!” MZ, student

“Maggie Paul is a top-notch writing coach. I spent several weeks corresponding with her to bring my writing to its full potential. When I had writer’s block working on my personal essays for the university application, Margaret posed questions that allowed my writing to flow without hesitation. Through this process, I gained confidence in my writing and the  value of my personal history in relation to my education and career as a costume designer. Margaret gave helpful suggestions on organizing the content of my experiences which prepared me for a journey into higher education. I felt wonderful writing my essays with her guidance. I was able to present my personal insights and dedication to the field with heart.” –E.J., transfer student, Costume Design

“Just wanted to tell you that Joel already heard back from 2 schools and they both want him–offering $ too! We were pleasantly surprised because we didn’t expect to begin hearing until March or April. Anyway, it’s a nice feeling. The schools are: Lasell in Newton. They have sports management and sports communication and we knew it was a safe school, so he decided to apply there. The other, which we are more excited about, is De Paul in Chicago. He got accepted into their school of Communications.” MP, mother – student in Communications, Sports

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